Zojirushi NS TSC10

Zojirushi NS TSC10 A Blessing for Every Kitchen Cooking rice was always a nightmare for me until I stumbled into a Zojirushi NS TSC10 review. My family eats rice every day but it’s hard to cook soft and smooth rice without a proper rice cooker. Once I read the good review, I immediately ordered one for myself and this is the best decision I’ve made in my life. Here is my experience using Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer.
Zojirushi NS TSC10
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Zojirushi NS TSC10 Review

Very Versatile

I’m going to start this Zojirushi NS TSC10 review by mentioning the best thing about this rice cooker that is its versatility. Not only it can make perfect 10 cups of cooked rice out of 5 ½ cup of uncooked grain, you can also use it to make sushi rice, brown rice, mixed rice and even porridge. If you often cook various type of rice you definitely know that different rice will need different cooking time to let the grain absorb the water—and seasoning—perfectly. With NS TSC10 rice cooker, you don’t have to be confused about the water level or the cooking time. Thanks to the Fuzzy Logic technology, the rice cooker can sense what grain is being cooked and automatically set the right temperature and cooking time.

Furthermore, this rice cooker can also be used as a steamer and even bake cakes! This is a perfect product for those of you—and me as well—who are not blessed with spacious kitchen.

Neat and Clean

The next good aspect of this product I want to show in this Zojirushi NS TSC10 review is its cleanliness. I’m a neat freak so I love the fact that NS TSC10 rice cooker and warmer is very easy to clean. The coated stainless steel exterior is flawless and can be wiped easily. The inner lid is also detachable so I can easily wash it separately. And last but not least, the power cord is retractable so I don’t have to deal with dangling cables.

NS TSC10 Review


NS TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker has saved my life and I can’t ask for something better than this. If there is one thing I’m not really thrilled about this product is its price. This is much more expensive compared to other rice cooker I’ve bought before. But I’m not going to complain since the features are all excellent and every dollar I spent is definitely worth it. I’m very satisfied with this rice cooker so I share this Zojirushi NS TSC10 review and hopefully it can help you as well.

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