Sony VPLHW45ES Review Top Projector for Movie Lovers and Gamers Sony VPLHW45ES review of one of best projector product you can find will give you information, why you should choose this product compared to other. We found it hard to do to get the projector that can satisfy people who need it. It’s not only for movie lover, but also gamer who want to get best experience when they play their favorite game. The most important thing of projector product is the image it can product. And this product is the best choice of them.
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Sony VPLHW45ES Review

The Design

First of all, our Sony VPLHW45ES review will tell you about the appearance. The size and shape is pretty compact. The size of this product is only 23 x 20 x 11.5 inches. That means you can place it in almost any place in your room. More than that, you can carry it around easily. So, this is one of plus point of this product. And for appearance, it’s also quite satisfying. The black color that Sony used for this product is the best of all. The black make it looks cooler. More than that, the placement of the button that can control almost everything in this product is good and easy to reach. That way, you can easily control how this product works. More than that, the design can be easily mounted on the ceiling or other place that you want. That also makes it very useful.

The Feature

This is the most important thing in our Sony VPLHW45ES review. The main feature that we think interesting is the Advanced Reality Creation. It use Advanced SXRD panel technology as well which make the quality of picture it produce really good. You can even see it way better than original Full HD pictures with the 1080p. More than that, the product also capable in creating 1,800 lumens brightness and high contrast ration. That create really clear image, especially in room with good lighting system.

The other feature that also piques our interest is the Motionflow technology. It related to how this product presents the image of movement of an object. Without this technology, the object will look blurring. However, the technology made it looks very clear and has smooth movement. The long lasting lamp is also the other great thing. Sony said that the lamp can last for 6000 hours used. That means you don’t need to maintain it quite often or change it. So, you can save more money with this feature.

VPLHW45ES Review

Of course, the most important thing is the compatibility with the screen that you use. It’s important because, it will affect the quality of the image as well as your comfort when you watch movie or TV with using this product. This product has compatibility with 51 to 82 inches screen from 8 feet distance. Or, you also you can use 77 to 122 inches from 12 feet distance and 102 to 162 inches range from 16 feet distance. The connectivity, however, is limited to HDMI port. But, there are many ways you can use, if your gadget doesn’t have the HDMI plug or connectivity feature.

The Flaw

​We only notice one flaw in this product, if we compare it with previous model, the 40ES. It’s the fan noise. It is noisier. However, if you measure it, it’s only 1 dB higher. So, for most people, it won’t be a problem. Overall, although it has this flaw, we can say this product as one of best projector product you can find out there.​ The quality of image it produces as well as the design and easy to use, make it place top position in our Sony VPLHW45ES review

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