Arlo VMS3230 Review Simple yet Versatile Professional Security System This Arlo VMS3230 review will show you why this product is the one you need if you want to purchase new security system. Security is very important and you definitely know that you need to take it seriously, especially if you live in a rather unsafe neighborhood. Security system doesn’t come cheap, but that is exactly why this product will be perfect for you. For such a cost effective security cam, there are so many features that you can enjoy.
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Arlo VMS3230 Review

720p HD Resolution

One of the greatest features that we will talk about in this Arlo VMS3230 review is its 720p HD resolution. You will never get a blurry recording anymore thanks to the HD cameras. Every detail will be very sharp and the night vision will enhance the quality of the recording even in total darkness. Whether you watch the recording or live stream it via your smartphone, excellent quality is certainly guaranteed.

100% Wire Free

If simplicity is what you are after, you are going to like the next great feature that we are going to discuss in this Arlo VMS3230 review. We are in 2017 and this is definitely not the right era to deal with the hassles of cables. This is why this product comes with a patented 100% wire free design. The installation is very easy and certainly doesn’t need contract.

Furthermore, due to its compact size, you can put the camera anywhere you like, especially since it comes with magnetic mount. The fact that you don’t need cable at all to operate this camera allows you to put the camera in the most discreet place. But thanks to the wide viewing angle, you don’t have to worry that the camera will not be able to catch an important detail when you put the camera in a discreet spot.

VMS3230 Review

Motion Activated Alert

This security system also comes with motion activated alert. Whether you are at home or away, you will be notified immediately when the motion activated system picks up a weird activity. The alert can come in two different type. When you are at home, the notification will come via the application. But when you are away, you will get a real time email as alert. The alert is also customizable so you can easily control when you want to get the notification. There are still many great features that are not mentioned by this Arlo VMS3230 review, so go purchase it now if you want to know its other excellent features.

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