UBP X800

Sony UBP X800 Review 4K Blu ray Player’s Never Been This Good Don’t buy any 4K Blu-ray players before reading this Sony UBP X800 review. This is definitely the era of 4K video and anything less than that will make your watching experience less enjoyable. To make sure the video looks excellent and crystal clear, you will need to use the best 4K player. Even though videos in 4K quality are getting more popular, the same doesn’t apply to the player. Some brands are still reluctant to venture to the 4K world and as a result, we don’t have a lot of choice and we need to be extra careful with the product we choose. But since this is a Sony product we are talking about, we definitely don’t have to doubt its quality.
UBP X800
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Sony UBP X800 Review

Gives the Highest Detail and Clarity

The first great things we are going to discuss in this Sony UBP X800 review is definitely the ultra-clear video the player brings. This player certainly will live up to your expectations regarding a 4K video and makes every color pops.

The clarity is one thing, but when we are watching a movie, we definitely want to see the details. And thanks to its HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature, this product will also serve you the best in this department. HDR will increase the brightness as well as the color contrast of the video you watch. Furthermore, since this 4K player supports any types of file format, the HDR will enhance the details of every movie you watch even if it is not 4K.

UBP X800 Review

Stable Streaming

Sometimes, the only way we can watch our favorite movie and videos is by searching it in a streaming service. Thankfully, this is one of the best product when it comes to streaming 4K video. As a matter of fact, if you read other Sony UBP X800 review in the internet, you will realize that most customers choose its stable streaming capability as the best feature of this player.

This is because this product not only allows you to access various streaming service, but also make sure you can access it conveniently. This product is equipped with an excellent wireless technology called dual band MIMO. Thanks to it, the streaming connection will be faster and more stable, even if the player is positioned pretty far from the Wi-Fi range.

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Fantastic Sound

What’s the point of watching a video with excellent contrast, detail and clarity if you still have to listen to mediocre sound? Well, at least with this Blu-ray player, you don’t have to suffer from terrible sound. This product takes pride in its Hi-Resolution Audio feature courtesy of Dolby Atmos and DTS-X Object-based Surround. No matter what kind of movie you watch, horror or action, comedy or drama, you will get the best and the most bombastic sound from this 4K player.

After reading this Sony UBP X800 review, you are absolutely triggered to head to the store and purchase this product. The good news is, you will receive a bonus of 2 Sony Pictures 4K Ultra HD movie if you buy the player from 2-10-2017 to 6-30-17

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