Sony XBR65X850D

Sony XBR65X850D Review, a 65-inch Smart 4K UHD TV with Greater Functionality This XBR65X850D review will help you decide if this older series is worth to buy. XBR65X850D is one of the smart option and standards for 65-inch Smart 4K UHD TV. As a subtitute of XBR850D who scored very well last year in the review, XBR65X850D have to provide a better picture performance because it has new and better video processor and using better lighting design panels. The topics below are thrown without any specific order, but at least you can find out the different aspects of this television.
Sony XBR65X850D
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Sony XBR65X850D review

The Design

The design panel is using a typical limit of a thin bezel that measures approximately ½ inch wide on the side. The display panel depth is 2 inches at the thinnest point with the surface of the screen contains a semi-gloss finish. From this XBR65X850D review, it has a direct LED backlighting designs that use fewer LEDs to lighten the display panel back. But somehow, it still provides a bright and uniformly illuminated panel like the FALD display.

Up-Scaling to 4K

In 4K UHD TV, conversion and upscaling is the most essential aspect because of the scarcity of 4K content. This makes the image perceptibly clearer and cleaner than last year series. The new image is surprisingly good at up-converting and tidying HD signal to the panel original resolution. It is less blurred and also comes with the push of less bluish that can be noticed in dim scenes.

Touchpad Remote Control

Based on XBR65X850D review, the Sony touchpad remote control allows you to browse through the television interface using motion on something similar to a laptop trackpad. Although iy is functional, it lacks some important buttons, which in turn makes you go back to the traditional remote.

Triluminous Display

Technology wide-gamut colors will look fantastic for a few years. It produces colors that really lives and more realism than most competitors.

3D performance

The Active 3D will make a return this year and will be compatible with Sony’s RF glasses. However, you need to buy the glasses separately. There is almost no crosstalk which is a big distiction to last year model and the depth level is really great.

XBR65X850D review

Android TV

Sony has determined to invest on Android TV in 2015 by creating it their smart TV core. It also arrives with a simplified version of Google Now and voice search that work in tandem to provide supplementary information on your TV and let you search for content easily.


if you are looking for Active 3D entertainment and only have a limited budget, Sony XBR65X850D is one that should be on your mind. It can provide excellent image quality as evidenced by the customer and can provide greater functionality with Sony’s Android TV powered by Android PlayStore. Hopefully this Sony XBR65X850D review can help you make a decision.

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