Sony UBP X800

Sony UBP X800 Review 4K Blu ray Player with the Highest Detail and Clarity If you want to find an excellent 4K Blu-ray Player that will worth the money you spend, you can read this Sony UBP X800 review. Nowadays, more movies and videos are released with 4K resolution. Whether it is a video you watch in a streaming site or an original film disk, the feeling of excitement when watching in 4K is definitely unrivaled. To get the best out of your 4K video, you will need a proper equipment to play it and that is exactly what this product can give to you.
Sony UBP X800
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Sony UBP X800 Review

4K Ultra HD Player with HDR Support

This product is special because it will not only serve you the clarity of 4K resolution but also enchanting details of HDR (High Dynamic Range). This Sony UBP X800 review decides that this is certainly the best feature you can get from this Blu-Ray player. A video with 4K resolution is already such a joy to watch. The clarity is unrivaled and the colors just look really lively. But when you combine it with HDR’s details, it is just heavenly. The brightness and contrast are excellent and the details will make you feel like a part of the movie.

Extra Features

This is a 4K video player but that is not the only thing you can get out of this product. In this part of Sony UBP X800 review, you will find out other great features that make this Sony video player is worth buying. The first one is the Hi-Res audio supported by Dolby Atmos and DTS –X Object-based surround. Thanks to this feature, you will listen to terrific sound that matches the quality of the video.

If you can’t find the physical disk of the movie you want to watch, simply use the streaming feature in this player and you can access all your favorite streaming services without any hassles. The wireless technology with dual band MIMO will ensure stable and fast streaming even if you cannot get a good connection. The next feature you can take advantage of is the HDR to SDR conversion. Thanks to this converter, you can still get the best detail and resolution even if you watch on a non-HDR TV. Furthermore, if you don’t want the bombastic sound of the player to disturb your family, simply connect your Bluetooth headphone and you can watch your movie conveniently. Now that you have read everything in this Sony UBP X800 review, it is time to buy the product and you can start enjoying your 4K movie.

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