Shark NV501

Shark NV501 Review, Professional Vacuum Cleaner for This Shark NV501 review will reveal all the greatness of this professional and easy to use vacuum cleaner. We know that vacuum cleaner is a very important part of our life. It is the one that will make sure your home will be clean and free of dust so you need to choose a good product. Speaking of a good product, let’s find out why Shark NV501 is superior compared to other similar vacuum cleaner in its class.
Shark NV501
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Shark NV501 Review

2-in-1 Vacuum Mode

The first good point that we are going to discuss in this Shark NV501 review is the product’s 2-in-1 mode. It comes with Upright and Lift-Away mode. In upright mode, you can just vacuum the floor like usual. With the addition of the Advanced Swivel Steering feature, you can easily maneuver the vacuum cleaner to get rid any dust in your path.

If the classic Upright mode prevents you from reaching the corners, you don’t have to worry. Simply switch to Lift-Away mode and you can move more conveniently to clean the dust in difficult spots. In this mode, you will have to lift the canister in one hand while maneuvering the hose in the other hand. But it will not be a challenge at all since the canister is very lightweight.

Furthermore, you can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean above the floor area while in this mode. The length of the hose can easily be adjusted so no dust can hide from you while you are cleaning.

Another great point that cannot be missed in every Shark NV501 review is the LED headlight. Thanks to bright red LED headlight, you can easily see every single dust on the floor while you are vacuuming. It will make sure that you will not miss anything and your house will be squeaky clean. It will also help cleaning in dark places more convenient.

NV501 Review

Clean and Healthy Air Guaranteed

You will really love using this vacuum cleaner because it comes with HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal technology. HEPA filter is a must because without it, the dust can be easily released to the air again. But this product is special due to the addition of the anti-allergen complete seal feature. This technology will make sure that the allergen and dust will not be released in the air before it reaches the HEPA filter. There are so many good features you can find just by reading this Shark NV501 review, so don’t hesitate to purchase the product and create a healthier environment for your family

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