Brother SE400 Review : What Makes It Ideal for Home Use Brother SE400 review will give clear reasons how this new generation of computerized sewing and embroidery machine suitable for home use. Whether you have a passion sewing and embroidery crafts or you are looking for the right machine to start your own home based sewing and embroidery business, this is the one to choose. Being an Amazone Best Seller is one clear sign that Brother SE400 sewing machine is a powerful and dependable machine.
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Brother SE400 Review

When it comes to sewing, there’s no other brand has better reputation than Brother. For many decades, Brother has been shaping the sewing machine industry with new technology for new model with better features and easier to use. Brother SE400 computerized sewing and embroidery machine is one good example of Brother’s advanced technology. Learn more this Brother SE400 review to understand how this machine will give the best value for your money.

Perfect Choice for Home Use

Brother SE400 is a multifunctional machine. It offers three main functions: sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Compact size with ergonomic design allows this machine to fit on limited space at home while still can deliver optimum function. With this multifunctional machine, you can complete various project much efficiently. It is also the most budget-friendly machine in this segment to make it even more ideal for home use.

Rich of Features for Efficient Work

Advanced technology in this machine delivers many great features for optimum functions. Brother SE400 multifunctional embroidery machine has everything you’ll ever imagine. The embroidery function comes with 4 inch x 4 inch embroidery capabilities. With larger workspace, it accommodates bigger varieties of designs and projects. Computerized features make it even more powerful. It has 70 built in embroidery designs and 5 lettering fonts.

Regular sewing made so much easier with free arm motion features. With this feature, there’s no more difficult area to reach. Other features are including easy bobbin preparation combined with rapid bobbin system. It allows efficient winding system while preventing jams and snags. With built in 67 sewing stitches, sewing works will be much more efficient to do.

More Features for Ease of Use

Brother SE400 computerized embroidery machine has more features to make it easier to use. Automated needle threader will avoid any hassle. Your work will be even easier with smooth fabric feeding system. The center of powerful features in this machine is its touchscreen LCD display. This is the command center of this machine. With back-lit for easy to view, this LCD display guides and allows you to choose various settings. It is including choosing built-in designs, sewing stiches, editing, and all other features. The interface is user friendly and it won’t take long to learn before you can master setting and operation through LCD touchscreen display.

SE400 Review

Another feature revealed in this Brother SE400 review is USB connectivity. USB port connects this machine to the computer to import new designs and patterns. This connectivity port also integrates this machine with This is the online service exclusively for Bother sewing and embroidery machines’ users. It offers unlimited designs and patterns. With integration, you can purchase your preferred design or pattern and download it directly to the machine.

Compact and ergonomic design, rich of powerful features, and easy to use; all make good reasons why Brother SE400 is a good option for home used embroidery and sewing machine. One more good reason is that this model comes with very interesting price tag. It is very competitive compared with similar models from other brands while able to deliver superior qualities. Ideal for home use with the best value for money, that’s the big conclusion of this Brother SE400 review

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