Olympus Pen E PL8 Review

Olympus Pen E PL8 review It will be an interesting review to read for those who are waiting the update of PEN camera of Olympus in the last a couple years. This camera seems come with redesigned shape with special featuring of flip-down screen; perfect to taking selfie pictures. Meanwhile, the specs inside are mostly same with the previous version; 16.1 megapixel camera with Four Thirds sensor, 8fps shooting and the technology of 3 axis image stabilization.
Olympus Pen E PL8 Review
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Olympus Pen E PL8

The Handling

The new design outside Olympus Pen E PL8 camera makes this newly launched camera different with the previous version. The metal body is more rounded and covered by leather, so that it looks more elegant. The new stylish design makes the camera perfect for bloggers; as written in kinds of Olympus Pen E PL8 review.

Besides, the new LCD touch screen in flip down design is also a nice new feature of the camera. It understands the need of all users that love taking selfies. With the flip down screen, you can take selfie pictures fast without any hinders. As the screen faces forward, the selfie mode will be active automatically. Use the screen to shoot, taking creative art filters and also adjust the compensation of exposure. In this way, you will always make perfect selfies with this mirrorless camera.

Besides, Olympus Pen E PL8 also can zoom in or out automatically when mount the zoom lens. When you need to shoot angles that are slightly awkward, the screen will tilt upwards; very helpful to make high quality results of photo shoots. You can manage the camera features by using the LCD touch screen.

Olympus Pen E PL8 Review

The Image Quality Taken with Olympus Pen E PL8

As most of the features of the camera are same with the predecessors, the image quality taken by this camera can also be in similar quality. However, you also should pay attention to the supporting factors in order to take high quality images. Make sure that you have good light in the area where you take the pictures. Even though the image quality is slightly lower than the cameras with higher end features, Olympus Pen EPL8 can be gotten in more affordable price.

Therefore, this is a great choice of camera if you want to have a nice camera like bloggers. The cheaper price will be much friendlier with your budget. The special features will support you to take pictures in higher quality; like the high quality pictures taken by those who have written Olympus Pen E PL8 review

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