Olympus Pen E PL8

Olympus Pen E PL8 review must be the information you need before deciding to purchase the camera. This camera is well-known as bloggers camera because of the stylish retro appearance. If you are going to buy one, you also should make sure that it is also good inside.
Olympus Pen E PL8
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Olympus Pen E PL8

Pen PL8 is the most recent camera launched by Olympus. It comes with retro, chic, and cute design that can make everyone falls in love. The camera is available in three different colors such as black, white and brown. The white and brown version looks more special with gold lettering feature. Find more features below before you choose this camera as yours.

The Features of Olympus PEN E PL8

As a mirrorless camera with stylish and compact design, Olympus Pen E PL8 got the title as a perfect camera for bloggers. It is perfect to shoot flat-lay images for the tilting screen and live view that is supported by premium metal dials and feel on top. Besides, it also comes with various macro lenses to support your photography needs. The 16 megapixel camera is quite great to take many pictures in high quality.

On the other hand, this camera is also equipped by Micro Four Thirds lens range so you can make it as your second camera by using the kit with the Micro Four Thirds. You can make awesome photographs with this camera for the featuring of various art filters such as vintage filters, selfie mode, self-timer, and also image stabilization. Besides, it also features time lapse that enables you to combine shots while making video.

On the back of the Olympus Pen E PL8 Review camera, it has a high resolution touch screen. You only need to flip down when you make selfie pictures. The view will not be blocked by the flash or other attached accessories to the camera.

Use the modes of photo story to make perfect all taken pictures including the framing options and user friendly color shooting that can be used by only spinning the color wheel. Take a focused picture by using the manual focus peaking, mic level that can be adjust manually, and the low ISO (ISO100).

After taking perfect photos, save them to the safer media. Use the Wi-Fi feature to transfer them to your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC. It also enables you to add GPS data to the pictures, edit the pictures and then share all perfect pictures to social media.

Record every special moment with its Full HD video recorder with stereo sound catcher. Make any far images nearer by using the power zoom lens with zoom speed.

Olympus Pen E PL8 Review

The Handling of Olympus PEN EPL8

This Olympus PEN E PL8 review will also discuss about the handling. This camera got better quality than the previous versions. Bodied with premium metal, it is slightly heavier and feel better than the previous version. The textured wrap to the metal body makes this camera easy and comfortable to grip.

Even it has come with built-in flash, it also has Accessory Port 2 (AP2) that can be the place for external flash. Yet the AP2 can also become the place for microphone adapter, electronic viewfinder, Bluetooth adapter, LED lighting or other accessories.

The camera screen can tilt up and down to make perfect selfies or group pictures. The high resolution, bright and clear screen will make you see images to shoot well in all angles. Set the focus point by using the touch screen too.

The Battery Life

The Olympus PEN E PL8 mirrorless camera has battery life that is quite greatly rated. Based on the test results of CIPA/ Olympus, the rate is at 350 shots. It is a quite good battery life. You need an external charger to refill the battery life. For more convenient usage, you can have a second battery so that there are many more pictures resulted.

That is all about the latest camera of Olympus, hopefully you learn much from the Olympus PEN E PL8 review

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