Marcy XJ 3220

Marcy XJ 3220 review could be your best resource of information if you look for equipment that can help strengthening or toning your hips, thighs, waist, or calf muscles. This cycle trainer will allow you to train your lower body without making your joints get too much pressure. It will become a great choice about a cycle trainer with reliable performance. The flywheel feature with adjustable resistance will be perfect to suit your fitness level.
Marcy XJ 3220
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Marcy XJ 3220 Review

Smooth Rides with the Cycle Trainer

Enjoy the smooth and safe indoor cycling with XJ3220 with its 40 pound flywheel. The heavy flywheel will provide smooth movement whilst prevent muscles and joints injuries. The natural riding motion will make you have more enjoyable and efficient experience of cycling so you get the optimal workout benefits.

Get the Right Posture in Exercise

If you have wrong posture while doing exercises, it possibly causes injuries in your muscles and makes the workouts less effective. To cover such problem, Marcy XJ 3220 cycle trainer is designed with 4 way customizable seat. The adjustable seat will enable you to have the best position for your perfect posture as long as the exercise. Additionally, the perfect posture can also be supported by the adjustable handlebars. It enables you to stay in most comfortable position of cycle trainer riding. In this way, you will get least strain to the joints of your body as long as the exercise.

Straps and Toe Cages on Pedals

To make the riding always safe, the pedals of the cycle trainer are designed with straps and toe cages. The features make the pedals to be anti-slip so your feet will stay on the pedals even though you ride the bike in high speed.

XJ 3220 Review

Easy Mechanism of Cycle Break

Even though XJ3220 comes with heavy wheel, it doesn’t mean that you will get difficulty to stop the movement. Thanks to the mechanism of easy brake that will enable you to stop the cycle movement instantly.

Pros and Cons of the Cycle Trainer

The pros of Marcy cycle trainer are:

Running quietly

Safe riding with anti-slip pedals and handlebars

Supporting up to 300 pounds

Easy transport with built-in wheels

Durable frames

Resistance knob that enables you to adjust the riding intensity

Comfortable padded seat

Besides, it also has a little cons such as:

Quite long to assemble

It doesn’t have workout programs or stats

Those are the Marcy XJ 3220 review that may be helpful and make you understand the quality of the cycle trainer equipment.

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