LG LW8016ER Review for Ideal Air Conditioner An excellent air conditioner has to have excellent features and specifications. Among the most recommended items being released recently, the LG LW8016ER is a top rated product for medium rooms. It features a number of advanced system and specifications for easier and more convenient use. It is an air conditioner that can cool efficiently and quickly.
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LG LW8016ER Review

Excellent Durability

Perhaps, we should consider the durability because after all, any electronic devices are more valued when they are more durable. In other words, any electronic device should make an ideal long term investment. Gladly, the LG lets all the users know how satisfying this product is. As far as this product sold worldwide, it has received positive comments from most of the users. The durability is one of the superiorities of this particular product. It can go through the first year without any issues. In fact, it is also easy in terms of maintenance. The manufacturer also gives one year official warranty which makes feel more certain about how excellent this product is.


With excellent durability, it is also possible for this electronic product to have excellent performance. It is low in noise level and powerful in performance. According to some of the customer reviews, this air conditioner is rated as excellent and strong. It doesn’t take too long for this unit to cool down the entire room. It takes only a few minutes to make the temperature of a room to be cooled down few degrees. And when you have this unit during the summer, it makes a perfect companion to spend cozy days inside the room to do any activities.

Its performance is also supported with the least noisy operation. In the meanwhile, it comes with the EER or energy efficiency rating of 11.3 which means that this particular LG LW8016ER is efficient in energy despite not having Energy Star Certified. This is actually another reason why this unit has the least noise level. So, there will no loud noise that bothers you during your comfortable sleeping session especially during the night. In terms of price, this unit is also cheaper compared to similar products with Energy Star Certified.

LW8016ER Review

Ease of Use

The ease of use has been being another factor that makes this LG LW8016ER unit more superior than other air conditioner products. The easy use has been made possible with the support from pretty basic features. Some of the main features include the on/off timer, buttons to set the temperature and fan speed.

Unfortunately, this unit does not come with sleep timer. Well, this is maybe one of the cons or drawbacks of this unit but it isn’t actually a major issue. Do not worry because you still have the washable filter despite of the unavailability of sleep timer. This filter allows easy access to do some maintenance. To access this filter so you can wash it, you only have to pull down the front cover. And, it also comes with louver system and the four-way vent to make it much easier to direct the air to particular spot that you want.

When it comes to installation, a help from professional may be crucial. You may question the reason. Well, according to most of the customers, this unit has considerably hard installation that cannot be handled by themselves. As a result, professional help is needed. But if you insist to handle it yourself, make sure to read the installation kit very carefully.

Shortly said, this particular LG LW8016ER comes with main features considered as the pros you can consider. If you look for air conditioner with versatile air flow control, easy cooling and dedicated dehumidifier setting, this unit is your ideal option

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