LG LW8016ER Review Features and Specifications Valuing an air conditioner unit does need some considerations. For instance, the features and systems should be considered in the first place. In terms of the one of the highest selling air conditioner units from LG, the LG LW8016ER does come with excellent systems and features although is lack of some advanced setting. Despite of some lacks, this unit still makes an ideal product for home use.
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LG LW8016ER Review

This air conditioner has 3 cooling fan speeds and 8.000 BTUs to cool up medium to big room of 340 square feet. It is an item that you can always rely on. It lets you to enjoy cool air provided with the 4-way air direction. With this feature, it is possible for this air conditioner to move the air down, up, right or left to make sure that all the hot spots are touched. Controlling the temperature of the room is something very easy at your pace. It can also automatically turn on itself with the Auto Restart feature. So, when the electricity blacks out during the summer, you do not have to turn it on manually once the electricity is back on again.

Efficient Cooling

We all want efficient cooling because it means we can save a lot while enjoying the room being cooled down with the help from air conditioner. It is possible with LG LW8016ER because this unit comes with 8.000 BTUs. So, every time the electricity bill comes, you do not have something to worry about how much you should pay.

With this kind of efficiency, you can still afford unit that has three cooling and fan speeds completed with the Auto cool. These fan speeds let you to easily control your room’s temperature at your pace. You can decide how cool the room you want it to be. If you want it to be very cool during the hot sunny day, feel free to do that.

Excellent Air Direction and Auto Restart

Thanks to the 4-way air direction, that all the nooks in your room gets to be cooled down. It doesn’t matter how tall your ceiling is, this air conditioner can always reach the highest point. To be précised, this air direction allows you to adjust whether you want to the air to be deflection up, down, right or left. Control the direction using the remote control with ease.

Every time the electricity is out and on again unexpectedly, you do not have to bother yourself with turning it on manually using the remote control. Instead, just the LG LW8016ER do it itself. Thanks to the special feature known as Power Failure Auto Restart that allows this unit to turn itself on again automatically once the electricity is on again. This feature is very useful especially during the extreme heat or storm that often causes power outages. Anytime it happens especially during the night, you can simply continue your sleep and your air conditioner will be back on again with you doing nothing.

LW8016ER Review


· Easy installation

· Dehumidification to 2.2 pints every hour

· Energy saver function

· Thermistor thermostat to maintain the selected temperature

· Anti-corrosion coating Gold Fin that provides the best protective shield for more durability

· 4-way air deflection

· Easy clean mesh filter

· Auto restart feature

· 4 feet of long power cord

· 11.3 EER of Energy Efficiency Ratio

· Low noise level of 60 dBA outdoor and 54 dBA indoor

· On off timer that can last for 24 hours

With those listed features and specifications, the LG LW8016ER certainly makes an ideal unit that you can purchase and have for few years straight

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