LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 Review

LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 Review Just like in the famous Avengers movie, the LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review includes a list of Marvel’s superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Agent 13, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier and also the Ant-Man. In fact, this set also includes the cool vehicle, Quinjet and the Dodge Stud Shooter of War Machine.
LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review
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LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review

LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 In this particular set, you will be taken to enter the cool and awesome air traffic control tower with Ant-Man through the tiny hole to explode boxes that are found in front of this tower. Then, you shall push the lever located in 2nd floor office so you can explode the walls. Then, continue by exploding the luggage cart so you can send the suitcases flying and allow the Ant Man to transform into Giant Man to be Tony Stark starring as Iron Man. Finish the mission by flipping out of Quinjet’s wings, deploying hidden stud shooters, dropping rope for the cool Captain America then you can fly away. Yes, this scene is taken from the Airport Battle in the Captain America Civil War series. What a great scene to be transformed into minifigures, right?

What’s Included in the Box

There are 6 different minifigures included in the box. They are Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, Agent 13 and the War Machine. There are additional minifigures as well that include Ant Man microfigure along with the buildable Giant Man figure. You will also find the Air Traffic Control Tower that features 1st floor room with exploding boxes and opening side door, 2nd floor office with exploding wall function, opening cupboards and also computer screen element, and the visual control room completed with the swivel chair.

Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review

There is the Quinjet minifigure as well where you can reveal stud shooters that are hidden underneath. And, it also features foldout wings for landing and flight modes, opening dual cockpit and the cool opening rear hatch. Do not forget to activate explode function that is located on luggage cart’s rear trailer so you can send 3 suitcase elements to fly. Build the Giant Man figure that features arms, legs and the posable head. Find and use different weapons including the shoulder mounted stud shooter from War Machine and gun from Winter Soldier. There are also several accessories including the power studs of Scarlet With, shield of Captain America and also the power element of Iron Man. It’s not all because there is even the comic book

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