LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051

LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review The new LEGO set has been recently released, Airport Battle 76051. Just like other LEGO sets, this one has been sold a lot worldwide. Both kids and adults love it. This time, you will be taken into deep insights and details of this set through this LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review .This LEGO set is made based on the popular superhero movies from Marvel. Yes, the most famous superheroes are in the set including Captain America, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch and so many others. Just looking at the concept of this set is already so tempting. Imagine how it feels to have this set in your hands and you get the chance to play with it.
LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051
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LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review

This LEGO set is certainly being the largest set of Civil War as confirmed in this LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review with various minifigures including the protagonists and the supporting characters as well. Included in the package are figures of the superhero’s coolest vehicles and other cool machines that will certainly blow your mind out. Quinjet is even included in this set. What a cool surprise, right? But that is not all. There are still so many surprises that this set offers to all its fans.

Captain America

Let’s start with the famous Captain America. In the Captain America Civil War, you certainly have noticed the airport scene which is one among the coolest superhero showdown that has ever been made. In this scene, Iron Man along with the Team of Captain America duke it out on tarmac. It is extremely chaotic yet gorgeously choreographed. In this set, both Captain America and Winter Soldier look cool. The Winter Solder has the same appearance as it appears in the 76047 Black Panther Pursuit.

Iron Man

Here comes the next most respectable and famous superhero character, the Iron Man. Starred by a man known as Tony Stark, Iron Man definitely is the coolest character and this LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review agrees with it. He is not born superhero but he builds himself into one. In this set, Iron Man appears so overwhelming with its War Machine. With its rocking Mark 46 Armour, the minifigure definitely looks super cool. This Armour is loved by many fans because it simply looks so exclusive. Meanwhile, the War Machine also appears super cool with the new silver and black armour. It looks so impressive that so many people consider it the most favorite minifigure in this set. The combination of shiny silver and black base goes together very incredibly well. At the same time, it even gives the deadly and intimidating appearing due to the red eye sockets. In fact, on the back there is the small cannon with additional guns and blasters. As for the faces, both Iron Man and War Machine have angry expression showing how ready they are to destroy their enemies.

Agent 13

The next minifigure is Agent 13 that comes with pretty pain appearance, spy-like top and caramel coloured wavy hair. Meanwhile, it has nice sharp angular lines of torso that form upside down star’s rough outline. Shortly said, this minifigure can be considered uncommon so it makes a really nice addition to the set.

Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review

Scarlet Witch

This time, LEGO decided to update the entire look of Scarlet Witch since her last appearance debut in the Hulk Buster Smash. Now, she comes with longer hair and red leather jacket. The jacket even looks special with gothic/punk look. And, she also comes with new fabric skirtpiece that is actually meant as trenchcoat.


Ant-Man may not be the most expected minifigure yet it still looks cool although its size is considered tiny. The graphic designers have done great job by adding trademark elements like silver accents on its suit, silver headgear and also red armour plating.

Overall, this LEGO set definitely doesn’t disappoints all LEGO players and fans worldwide. By knowing the details of this set in this LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 review, you are expected to be not feeling doubtful about buying it.

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