Keurig K70

Keurig K70 Review Serving Coffee Like a Pro Don’t head to the store and purchase any coffeemaker before you read this Keurig K70 review .If you can’t start your day without a cup of good coffee, Keurig K70 Single Serve Coffeemaker is something you should have in your kitchen. Not only it will save your precious time, this product definitely can serve you the best coffee that suits your taste every time you want.
Keurig K70
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Keurig K70

Large Reservoir

Let’s face it, the size of the water reservoir is a very important aspect in a coffeemaker. Even if you are living alone and only use the machine for yourself, it would be a hassle if you need to go back and forth refilling the tank every time it goes empty. The struggle will be even more real if you use the coffeemaker in your office or in a large household full of coffee addicts.

This is why I put large reservoir as the first best thing in this Keurig K70 review. While other coffeemaker’s tank can only accommodate 5 to 6 cups of coffee, K70 coffee machine is enough for 8. With 72 oz of water capacity, the reservoir is bigger compared to other similar products in this class and also one of the biggest in the brand’s lineup.

Despite of the water tank’s capacity, the overall size is still pretty compact. With 13 x 13.8 x 13.3 inches dimension and 12 pound of weight, this coffee machine will still fit perfectly in your kitchen and won’t take up too much space.

Quick, Simple and Versatile

If your coffee machine is hard to operate and take ages to serve your coffee, maybe it is time to swerve to Keurig K70 coffeemaker. The fact that this machine only needs 1 minute to brew the coffee is definitely a quality everybody wants from a coffeemaker. Furthermore, it also comes with Quiet Brew technology so its sound will not wake your family up when you need some booze of coffee in the middle of the night.

It also comes with adjustable temperature feature. So, whether you like your coffee super-hot or you want it colder so you can drink it right away, this machine is up for the job. Moreover, we don’t always need huge cup of coffee every single time. Sometimes, when we are in a rush, a small cup will do. Thankfully, this coffeemaker allows you to serve your coffee in 5 different cup sizes ranging from 3.25 oz. to 11.25 oz. This way, no precious coffee will end up in the sink anymore.

Keurig K70 Review


K-cup is the best thing about using a Keurig coffee machine and that is also the third best quality we are going to discuss in this Keurig K70 review. You can simply put the K-cup on the machine and your favorite beverages will be ready right after. Surprisingly, the taste will be the same no matter which cup size you prefer. If you don’t like the available flavor, you can also use your own coffee, but you need to purchase the separate filter first.


So, what do you think? This is definitely the coffeemaker you’ve been looking for, right? The best thing about K70 Platinum is its quick and simple operation. Not everybody is gifted with coffee making skill and people nowadays are always in a rush. But thanks to this product, it is just literally a few buttons away from enjoying a nice and delicious coffee and other beverages. Now that you have read this Keurig K70 review and understand all the good things this product can bring, what are you waiting for? Purchase it immediately and enjoy a mind blowing cup of coffee for the rest of your life

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