Omega J8006 Review Masticating Juicer It’s a new year, so what better way to start 2017 other than writing Omega J8006 review? Just kidding! That’s not it at all. But just like any other people in all parts of the world who ring in the new year by making a lot of resolutions, I too have made a few resolutions of my own – one of it is putting more attention to my health and overall well-being. It’s not because I have to lose a few pounds, I just decided it was high time I made a few lifestyle changes in a bid to maintain this precious health I am so lucky to have right now. One way to do it is by getting rid of beverages with a ton of preservatives and additives such as coke, and substitute it with juices.
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Omega J8006 Review

I know that juicing is all the rage right now, but why waste a few bucks to get some from the juice bar when you can make it on your own? If you are looking for a good juicer to help you our with whatever new year resolutions you have right now, keep reading to find out because I am writing this Omega J8006 review in order to help you!

Juicing your fruit and vegetables is an easy method to make sure you reach your daily vitamins and fibers intake – and what better way to reach your daily intake of all of those goodness other than juicing it? Attempting to eat all of the fruits and vegetables you are required to can be a huge pain in the rear, but juicing it? Man, all you have to do is drink it and in less than one minute you’ve done yourself a favor. However, juicing can be a pain if you aren’t equipped with the right juicer, which is why I decided to make this Omega J8006 review – I’d like to let you all know how my life is majorly saved because of this valuable item! Let’s start Omega J8006 review to find if it’s worth the $289 price tag.

First things first, Omega J8006 review its uses. This masticating juicer packs a mighty and super powerful auger and motor that are able to squeeze out a quite impressive amount from even the most cumbersome produce such as carrots and apples. However, if there’s one thing I’d like to add about the machine’s prowess to this Omega J8006 review, it’s the fact that even the most demanding task does not send the juicer into a frenzy and yield loud noises whatsoever!

J8006 Review

Another Omega J8006 review, built sturdy and easy to operate, the Omega J8006 also has another thing that is worth noting, and that is how easy the juicer is to clean up. As someone who hates washing, I find the cleaning part of juicing the least pleasing part of this newly adopted healthy lifestyle. I am sure many people agree with me on this one. As a comparison, it took me roughly 10 to 15 minutes to clean up my old juicer. But with the Omega J8006? It’s a breeze to clean up by hand, and the best of all? The fact that it’s dishwasher compatible! Unfortunately, just like any other good things in life, there’s a minus – though it’s not major, I still have to make the Omega J8006 review downside. The Omega J8006 comes with an unusually small chute, this opening forces us to either dice or chop the produces in small sizes. However, to me, it’s not a problem and I still advise you to purchase one as it is the best juicer for the price

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