Instant Pot DUO60

Instant Pot DUO60 Review 6 qt 7 in 1 multi use programmable pressure cookers Simple Cooker with Best Feature Instant Pot has made some great product in Pressure Cooker categories. This one is one of them. Some of Instant Pot DUO60 review also state that this product can be categorized as one of the best. But, is that true?
Instant Pot DUO60
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Instant Pot DUO60 review

Product Design

The design actually is pretty simple. Instant Pot doesn’t use any wow accent on the outside. They use standard design, which can be said close to plain and boring design. Maybe for appearance, we can’t give it plus point. It’s just so-so. However, if we look at it from the easy to use feature, the design reaches the maximum point. Instant Pot use great placement for the control panel, right in front of the product. Plus, in just one control panel, you can operate all function that this product has. This makes it easier to use, and give plus point in our Instant Pot IP DUO60 review.

Feature and Function

First, thing we would like to talk about in this part of our InstantPot DUO60 review is the modes. There are many of them, 7 modes precisely. It can be used as slow cooking, high pressure cooking, sauté, steamer, warmer, cooking rice and even making yogurt. Therefore, we can say that this is the most complete product we can find.

It’s not only cooking mode. This product also provides different type of programs you can use. This will make you easier to decide right setting for different ingredient or recipe that you cook with this product. There are 14 different programs you can use, for example, rice, soup, cooking bean and many more.

The other great feature is its safety feature. There are three main safety features you can find, such as Safety Lid Lock, so it will keep closed when you cook. There is also Leaky Lid Smart Detection, which will tell you, if you don’t close the lid perfectly, which can affect on cooking result and time. Then, Anti-Blockage Vent will help you to avoid any blockage on the steam vent that can ruin the taste of your cooking. Other than those three, there are many others.

DUO60 review


This is great products. Yes, it’s little bit disappointing on its design and appearance. However, if you doesn’t care about it and just want to have cooking tool with great feature, we recommend this product for you. You will get lot of benefits from it, like what you can read in this Instant Pot DUO60 review.

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