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Idol Lash review : A Mascara and Eyelash Growth Serum in One Product All girls must be familiar with idol lash, a USA made mascara that comes with growth serum. It an be a great solution for you who want to grow eye lashes longer and thicker. The Idol Lash offers you practical use with more function. There are several things you should know about the product.
idol lash
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Idol Lash Review

Product overview

Idol Lash is actually an eyelash enhancer that help giving you darker, fuller, thicker, and even longer eyelashes. It is now still one of American eye enhancer products that is quite popular and affordable. This product is approved by FDA as safe cosmetic even for sensitive eyes and skin. Idol Lash is manufactured with natural ingredients. The main ingredients of the product contain honey extract, kelp, nettle, alfalfa extract, and chamomile extract. The composition is claimed to be effective not only to make up the eyelashes but also to nourish them to grow faster.

How to apply the product

It is quite easy for any girl to apply the Idol Lash. It is applied just like the way we apply mascara to the eyelashes. For most effective results, the Idol company suggests you to apply the products at least twice a day. Before applying the product, you are suggested to brush the eyelashes. Brushing the eyelashes would clean the eyelashes and stimulate the hair follicle. Clean and stimulated hair follicle would absorb the nutrition better. You can also trim your eyelashes every once in a while. The product would be more effective if you apply it twice a day before bed and in the morning. It is also a must for you to remove the whole make up, especially the make up around eyes in the evening. Going to bed with makeup would make the eyelashes get dry. It prevents the follicle to absorb the nutrition.

Expected results

The Idol Lash Enhancer offers you more beautiful eyelashes. The product promotes up to 82% density for the eyelashes. The nutrition would help improving the color of the eyelashes to be darker and thicker. You would expect that your eyelashes would be just as beautiful as the eyelashes with mascara. It also aims to grow the eyelashes up to 25% longer. You can see the result minimum after 6 weeks after using the products at least twice a day.

Based on the idol lash review, the Idol Eyelash Enhancer also offers you some make touch to your eyelashes. Do not worry about waiting for the result in 6 weeks, you can get an instant look after applying the product. The product would get you some make up touch. You will find as if you just have applied mascara to your eyelashes. This effect would help you keep applying the enhancing serum even when you have to put on makeup.

The product’s pros and cons

After knowing more about the details of the product and how we should apply the product to get the best result. There are also several pros and cons that you should notice before buying the product. In short, there are some strong points about the products. First, it is very practical. Different from any other eyelash serum that requires several steps of application, the Idol Lash Enhancer is far more practical. You just need to apply it as if you were applying mascara. Second, it gets you some make up touch. You do not have to worry about short eyelashes. You do not have to wait until the eyelashes growth for the Idol Lash Enhancer would work like mascara to make your eyelashes look dense and longer.

However, you still have to note the main weakness. For you who have short and rare eyelashes, it takes longer that 6 weeks to get the results. If you want the eyelashes to grow faster, it is suggested for you to brush the eyelashes and apply some additional natural serum besides the idol lash review before bed.

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