Holy Stone F181C

Holy Stone F181C Review with Longer Flight Time An affordable drone with exceptional control distance and flight time has hit the market. This Holy Stone F181C review will explain why this product has to be your first choice of drone. Aside from its competitive price, it does have a variety of advanced specs and features that every drone enthusiast wants. As a great choice, it makes a great drone for indoor and outdoor use including during the winter. Let’s see how this product makes every of your dream comes true.
Holy Stone F181C
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Holy Stone F181C Review

Durability and Design

Let’s start by evaluating its durability and design which involves the material that builds this drone. Well, it may not be the most beautiful drone available in the market. But at least it does look good and sophisticated. It isn’t like those cheap toys. So, you can conclude that the build quality is pretty good and durable. On the bottom, there are LED lights with the red lights backward and blue lights forward. These are not just accessories. Instead, these are functional lights to allow you to fly it much easier during the night. On its nose there is also LED light which is very useful to determine the position during night and day.

Flight Performance

The most important feature of every drone is the flight performance. Well, for your information, perhaps you will face difficulty in flying it in “speed mode” if you are a beginner. Therefore, it is very recommended to be in less than 50% speed range for your first flights. But as you become recommended, you can fly it in high speed mode. As medium sized drone, you will love to fly it outdoors. However, be careful of the wind as it isn’t very wind resistant. If you love flying it outdoor, consider flying it during the night. It looks so beautiful up there will all those LED lights.

F181C Review

This Holy Stone F181C review also reviews the control range and flight time. With this price range, you get around 6 to 7 minutes flight time but with the Holy Stone F181C, you get up to 9 minutes flight time which is a very good offer. Meanwhile, it comes with under 100 meters control distance depending on the environment. Here is another good thing. In the package, you will get extra battery which means you can fly the drone 2×8 minutes. Yes, it is great way to improve your skill before you upgrade your drone level.

Once you become more experienced, try removing the propeller protectors and landing gear. This will reduce the total drone’s weight. As a result, it improves total flight time and its mobility as well. That means you will get to fly this drone higher and longer.


So, what about the controller? Well, this Holy Stone F181C review shows that the controller is very comfortable. It is as comfortable as Xbox or PlayStation joystick. Right before you turn it on, insert 4 AA batteries. Usually, the batteries last for at least one month. On the controller, there is a little display that shows some crucial information such as drone speed, signal strength, LED lights status and battery status.

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone


Yes, this drone comes with a built-in 2MP camera. Despite of average image quality, the camera works pretty well. It can take snaps of pictures with 720p resolution and record 30-frames video. Well, it may not be that much compared to other advanced camera and video. Although it’s not a professional camera but it is enough for fun purpose. At least, it already allows you to take picture and videos while flying. For every picture and video you capture, it will be automatically saved in 2GB SD card that is already included in the package

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