T-FAL FR8000 Review Deep Fryer with the Best Filtration System Looking for a good deep fryer is not easy, but everything will be different if you read this T-FAL FR8000 review. This product will give you everything you have ever dreamed of a deep fryer. It is modern and comes with professional grade features. The best thing about this product is even though it can easily pass inside a professional kitchen, it is very simple to operate and you don’t need high cooking skill to successfully deep fry a dish with it.
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T FAL FR8000 Review

Main Features

The first best thing about this 1,700 W deep fryer is definitely its patented EZ Clean Oil-Filtration System. This system enables you to filter and reuse the oil with just one turn of a knob. After the filtration process is completed, you can easily waste the dirty part of the oil while the clean part is safely stored in a special storage of the deep fryer. This system enables you to save money without having to sacrifice your health.

The next thing we are going to talk about in this T-FAL FR8000 review is its special heating element. This product takes your health and the quality of the dish seriously and this is why it is equipped with adjustable thermostat and heating element that can be rebound quickly. A big part of cooking is adjusting the heat with what the ingredients need. With this deep fryer, you can easily adjust the temperature of the oil according to your needs. Furthermore, since its heating element can rebound quickly, you don’t have to be afraid of making miscalculations on when you should adjust the temperature of the deep fryer. When it comes to deep frying, excellent cooking temperature means you can minimize the oil absorption which will make the food healthier.

T FAL has a goal to make its customers life easier and we can clearly see that concept from this product. This deep fryer might look gigantic but the size has its own purpose. Its size and shape gives room for two different compartments, the cooking and draining basket. This way, your kitchen will not be messy since you don’t have to move the food somewhere far once it has been fried.

FR8000 Review

Furthermore, if you are not a fan of washing dishes, this product is your life savior. The parts are dishwasher safety. So, once you finish cooking, simply take the frying basket and other washable parts out, put them on the dishwasher and it will be clean again. You also will appreciate the fact that the manufacturer really minds your safety. When it comes to deep fryer, the handle usually goes hotter after cooking for several hours. But this one is different. The handle will stay cool even after long hours of cooking so you can conveniently hold it.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the good and bad points of this product to help you make a decision after reading this T FAL FR8000 review.

· Pros

– It comes with a very generous food and oil capacity.

– Adjustable thermostat ensuring perfect temperature and quick rebound.

– Excellent oil filtration system which is very cost effective.

· Cons

– It doesn’t have replacement parts.


Overall, FR8000 is a remarkable deep fryer that will ensure excellent food quality for every dish you cook. Deep frying is not exactly the healthiest cooking method but this product will guarantee that you can cook and consume the healthiest deep fried dish. It all thanks to the filtration system and also the heating element. If you want to eat healthy and delicious fried dish everytime, after reading this T-FAL FR8000 review, make sure you go to the store and purchase one for your kitchen.

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