Force1 U45 Blue Jay

Force1 U45 Blue Jay Review with High Quality and Great Price Force1 u45 blue jay review should be the very first thing which people look for when they are looking for the drone. Nowadays, aerial photography becomes very important thing for taking the picture from different angle. There was a time when people find difficulty for taking the picture from up above. The only option which they can use is by taking the photo on the flying helicopter for instance. However, it means that there will be a lot of money which should be spent for hiring the helicopter.
Force1 U45 Blue Jay
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Force1 U45 Blue Jay Review

It will also be a little bit difficult for taking the picture on the expected angle. This problem can be solved with the drone technology which is getting more and more familiar for people all around the world. Nowadays, there are various brands of drone which can offer people with different drone products which can meet their need. Force1 must be one great brand offer of drone technology which people can consider if they have great interest in aerial photography. Some people think that aerial photography is all about the professional thing but in fact, people can also find that there is also drone for beginners like this Force1 u45 blue jay review.


To make sure that people can really find the best drone offer which is suitable to their need, reading the review will be the most important thing which people should do. There are some great offers which people can see the specification of the products. This drone comes with the first person view. It is also supported with the compatibility for VR headset. It means that people will be able to watch the flight video feed live right on the smart phone which is based on Android or iOS operating system using the FPV Wi-Fi feature. Many beginners will find it hard for flying the drone especially for holding on the altitude.

However, they do not have to face this problem according to Force1 u45 blue jay review because the product comes with altitude hold function so the drone controlling can be done easily. The aerial photography can be stabilized easily as well. This is surely a drone which becomes ideal choice for the beginners since it also comes with the latest features which can be found from the models from higher end class. For taking off and landing, there will only be one touch which should be done. People can also set the custom route mode. It also comes with HD camera.

U45 Blue Jay Review

Pros and Cons

Now, people can find all of the great features offered by the drone unit. Of course the next thing which should be done is by considering the pros and cons from the drone. The good aspects of this drone product include the easy setup which makes it perfect for beginners. Even the beginners will be able to fly the drone very easily. The altitude hold feature will also ease the beginners. People must not forget about the Wi-Fi FPV as well. However, this drone unit is light in weight so it is better not to fly it in the wind according to Force1 u45 blue jay review

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