Holy Stone F181C Review with Continuous Roll Feature This Holy Stone F181C review guarantees a good drone for both indoor and outdoor use. This drone is manufactured by DFD which is one of the leading companies producing drones sold all over the world. At the first glance, you will notice that the drone resembles the one you saw in RoboCop only it is newer and blacker.
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Holy Stone F181C Review

What’s Inside the Package

Once you made the purchase, you will be surprised of what you will see inside the package. Based on this Holy Stone F181 review, it is like a gift wrapped in a box. Inside the package, you will get two 3.7V batteries with the USB charger. Well, this is a big plus compared to other drones. At least, with the charger, you do not have to buy extra batteries. That’s because you can simply charge the battery every time it runs out. This way, you can continuously fly the drone day and night. There are also the 2.4 GHx transmitter, rotors’ protective motors and other essentials. However, you won’t find spare blades inside the package so you buy it differently.

F181C Review

Signal Jamming

There may be some issue related to the signal as confirmed by this Holy Stone F181C review. Well, the signal jamming may appear because it isn’t an FPV drone. Therefore, you don’t find video screen like in other drones that is attached to transmitter. But don’t worry because it still has little LCD screen that shows the battery level, the trim settings and also the signal strength. So, the LCD is genuinely useful. To prevent any signal jamming, make sure that there is nothing between the drone and you. It has to be in straight line. As long as there is no signal jamming, it can flip in all 4 different directions and it can fly as high as 100 meters.

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone

Drone Performance

Aside from issue on signal jamming, the overall performance of the drone is pretty impressive. Its flight time is a bit longer than other drones. At least, it can fly 7 minutes up to 9 minutes. With this flight time, you can fly it indoor and outdoor with ease. As you have two batteries, you can easily switch it without having to charge it. However, make sure to give 10 minutes quad between the flights.

Another feature that supports its performance is its roll and continuous feature. Yes, with this feature, you can flip your drone several times in style. However, do not do it too often because it can make the drone lose significant height. Overall, as this Holy Stone F181C review confirmed, you’ll be satisfied with the performance

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