DEWALT DWMT73804 Review The Best Mechanic Tool Set Whether you are a mechanic, electrician, home builder or a plumber, you definitely need to read DEWALT DWMT73804 review so you can choose the best tools for your job. If you have been doing your job for a very long time, you know that wrenches can only take you so far. If you want to move faster without wasting your energy, you will need a good socket set. And when it comes to that, DEWALT always has the best one.
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DWMT73804 Review

Comes with Removable Inner Tray and Versatile Case

So, what makes this product different with the others we found in this store? It is definitely its portability and that is exactly what we are going to discuss first in this DEWALT DWMT73804 review. This product comes with a removable blow molded inner tray. The size is perfect it fits into larger tool box. Since the tray is removable and it fits in almost all DEWALT cases, you can easily move them to another case if you want to.

Furthermore, the case is also very versatile. First of all, it is lockable. As a result, you can put it in your car and transport it safely. Even if it falls, the lock will make sure the tools will be safe inside, reducing your chance of losing one of your previous sockets. When you transport the case, probably you will hear the sockets rattling, but you don’t have to worry because the perfectly sized mold on the tray will keep your tools in place.

The case is not only lockable but it is also stackable. The case is flat and interlocking so you can easily put other tool cases on top of it. This way, you can conveniently arrange your tool boxes in any place you like. Moreover, since the top of the case is transparent, you don’t have to open the case to know what’s inside. This is just a small matter, but definitely will save your time and energy.

DEWALT DWMT73804 Review

Very Tough and Useful

It will be wrong to write DEWALT DWMT73804 review without mentioning its durability. Just like other products from this brand, this one is really tough, really made to last. You know that being a mechanic or a home builder is a tough job and you can’t settle with something less than the toughest. To prove its toughness, this socket set comes with a lifetime warranty.

Other Features

This socket set still has plenty of other excellent features. One of them is the ratchet. The 72 tooth count ratchet that comes with this tool box has 5 degree arc swing and a really slim design. This ratchet will help you move conveniently even though the working space is limited. Furthermore the set also comes with hard stamped marking. This small yet useful feature will make it easier for you to identify the tools.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best socket set you can get in the market right now. If you want to confirm the excellence of this product, simply search for DEWALT DWMT73804 review and you will find so many satisfied customers

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