Instant Pot DUO60 Review, Easy to Use Rich Feature Pressure Cooker If you are looking for pressure cooker, our Instant Pot DUO60 review will help you to know more about one product that can be considered as good quality cooker. Like it said, this product is the InstantPot DUO60 On Sales from Instant Pot. And, here is our little bit explanation about the product.
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Instant Pot DUO60 review

The Design

We consider it as product with simple design. From the appearance point of view, we can’t find any part that make it stand out or looks great compared to other product. It uses standard stainless steel on its body and black colored on its lid and the base. So, with this design, it definitely won’t awe us. However, we are definitely awed by the design of the button and its placement. It’s all in one place. You can use all function of this product from this place. More than that, every function that this product has is stated clearly with the readable text. Plus, if you press the button, the light will light up indicate that the function is working at the moment. That way, you can easily know what kind of cooking process inside. The timer is also easy to adjust with plus and minus button. Basically, the button gets special point in this Instant Pot DUO60 review.

The Feature

First thing we want to talk here is the material. The main material for the body is actually similar to most of pressure cooker product. However, the inside is great. Instant Pot use different type of pot and its accessories. All of them are made of stainless steel, which is great material for cooking purpose. The inside consist of cooking pot, steam rack and it also is equipped with manual and handle you can use as reference to use this product for cooking.

The control panel is also great. Like mentioned above, you can find everything in one panel. This means you can get 14 different micro processor controlled programs operate in just one panel. The cooker also is equipped with automatic keep-warm feature with 3 different temperatures you can choose for different cooking style, sauté or slow cook. These two styles of pressure settings also make you have more varied methods to cook any different food in one tool.

The other great feature that we notice is the safety feature. We can say that Instant Pot give lot of feature in this department for you. This is also one plus point we would like to share in this Instant Pot DUO60 review. The safety feature include the safety lock for prevent your kid from opening it. There is also anti blockage and leak, which make sure that you can cook safely and perfectly. Temperature control feature for giving you right temperature for cooking your food. Basically, you are less likely to get problem from it.

DUO60 review

Pros & Cons


Good Material

Complete Safety Feature

Easy to access control panel

Many different cooking mode for different type of cooking

Complete instruction, which is helpful for beginner


Design is too simple


Basically, this product is really recommended product for you who are looking great tool to help your cooking. Although the design can be said is very ordinary, the feature is enough to give you everything that you need. The easy to use as well as energy save concept in this product also the other reason why this product can be classified into good quality product. More than that, it’s also easy to use, which give it more plus point in our perspective and this Instant Pot DUO60 review.

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