ASUS C302CA DHM4 Review : The Best Chromebook for Everyone This ASUS C302CA DHM4 review is going to introduce you to the best features of this ASUS notebook. This notebook from ASUS is completed by high features including 360-degree rotation and touchscreen. The bendable netbook then can be used for many purposes including to play game, watch movie, presentation, and so on. This notebook is also completed by flip and touch full HD screen ensuring that you can maximize the entertainment features of this netbook. Below is the ASUS C302CA DHM4 review for you making sure that you know the great features of this notebook.
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ASUS C302CA DHM4 Review

1. Flexible 360-degree Hinge and Touchscreen

The notebook is completely bendable and has 360-degree hinge feature. Beside of that, the full HD screen is also a touchscreen. With these features, the notebook can be used in endless variety of ways including using it as laptop (notebook), as tablet, in stand mode, and in tent mode. The 12.5 inch full HD touchscreen also allows you to play games and communicate easily with this notebook. You can share, work, and play with the notebook in any ways that you want.

2. Aluminum Metal Body but Lightweight

This notebook has great design. It is sleek and beautiful in its aluminum metal body. The metal body is also giving more protection to the notebook making sure that it will not easily broken when accidently get dropped. Even though being protected by aluminum metal body, the notebook is still a lightweight one, weighing only 2.65 lbs. It is easy to carry anywhere that you want using backpack or simply carry it in your hands.

3. Full Chromebook Features

This notebook has all the goodness of Chromebooks. With this notebook, you will be capable to access the Chrome Web Store apps and find out your favorite apps to fill in the notebook such as Google Music, Google Docs, and so on. With this notebook, you will be capable to visit Google Play Store and install numerous Android apps in it. In this ASUS C302CA DHM4 review, you can tell that this notebook is pretty much a complete notebook with great features.

C302CA DHM4 Review

4. Fast Start-Ups and Long Battery Life

This notebook from ASUS is capable to start the whole things up within seconds. You do not need to wait for so long until the notebook is ready to use. Beside of the quick start, this notebook is also completed by long battery life that average lasts for 10 hours and more.

5. Great Power from the Inside

This notebook is powered by Intel Core Processor with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. These features are ensuring that you will get fast performance of the notebook. This notebook is great for multitasking and storing files because of the big RAM capacity and the local and cloud storage. This notebook is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible providing you convenient connectivity anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why in the ASUS C302CA DHM4 review, this notebook is considered as one of the best in its class

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