Brother PE770

Brother PE770 Review on Features and Design Are you looking for the right embroidery machine for beginners? Well, the Brother PE770 has come to make your day better. From the Brother PE770 review, it is easy to see how this machine is advantageous and functional thanks to its variety of features. Its main features are ones of a kind including auto thread cutter, built in memory, 136 different embroidery designs, backlit LCD display screen and so many more. Those features make this machine exceptionally high in quality and durability. The options offered by this machine are simply unlimited. Even if it is the first for you using this kind of machine, there will be no difficulty or issues.
Brother PE770
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Brother PE770 Review

Main Features of Brother PE770

Let’s get on to the first main feature, large embroidery area. Exactly, this area is considerably larger than other embroidery area on other similar machines. This area is particularly designed to accommodate its users to use larger design and lettering. It also allows users to combine several designs for one embroidery object. This way, you do not have to do frequent rehoop. Instead, you can simply do the monograms. This area’s size makes sure that you and other users will have more than enough space to complete the embroidery.

How do the multiple lettering fonts feature sound? If it sounds awesome, then you are definitely true fan of embroidery. Well, with 6 lettering fonts, you have more options to create and design the embroidery. The fonts’ options include quilt pattern, border styles, frame shapes, scrollwork, floral and more else. And when it comes to the design, you will be given with 136 different designs stored in built in USB memory for easier and more practical use.

PE770 Review

Thanks to 184 different decorative sewing stitches, you will have more options to design your embroidery. These options of decorative stitches include heirloom, drawnwork, shell tech, scallop and smocking. These make the perfect options for you to enhance your quilting design as well. And with the available 10 professional buttonholes, it will not be hard for you to make the buttonholes in the desired style you want for your clothes.

Well, you certainly know how difficult it can be to control the speed while doing embroidery or stitching. This machine doesn’t complicate you with such issue because it comes with responsive speed control. This control allows you to decide when you start, top, increase or decrease the speed. To do all that, you simply have to push a button that is located on the simple lever. Brother PE770 Review Suppose you have learned how to control and use the features, enjoy your time doing embroidery.

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