Arlo Pro VMS4230 review

Arlo Pro VMS4230 Review : What’s So Good About This Camera? In Arlo Pro VMS4230 review, the security camera is often highly praised. For those who have no idea what this security camera is about, it will make them question: what’s so good about this camera? Well, many good things you can get from this camera. Among those great features in the camera is the availability of the rechargeable battery, 7 days free cloud video recording with HD quality, 2-way audio, motion-activated alerts, sound-activated alerts, and loud (more than 100 decibel) siren to keep your house fully protected and free. Below in the Arlo Pro VMS4230 review, you will see why this camera is so good.
Arlo Pro VMS4230 review
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Arlo Pro VMS4230 Review

1. Great Security Features in Arlo Pro

There are many things that the security camera can do to make sure that your house is fully protected. The first thing is a motion and sound-activated alerts. This camera is very sensitive in keeping an eye on everything. When there are suspicious movements or sounds recorded, the security camera will turn on the alert. The siren used in this security camera is also a smart siren. It is capable to stop any crime before it happens. There is loud siren (more than 100 decibel) and the siren is controllable with remote. This security camera is also completed by a 2-way audio that allows you to listen in and talk back from anywhere you want. The speaker in the camera will allow you to do so. Last but not least, this security camera has great storage options. You can choose using 7 days free cloud video recording with HD quality or you can use USB as well to backup your footage. This Arlo Pro VMS4230 review is definitely suggesting using both.

VMS4230 Review

2. What Do You Need to Use the Security Camera?

The first thing you need to provide when you want to use this security camera is stable internet connection. Make sure the internet connection is considered as high speed as well. Usually, it is at least 1 MBPS. It will ensure that the security camera can record everything. Beside of the stable internet connection, you are going to need a router and available port on it. Last but not least, make sure you also provide Arlo Pro compatible power adapter along with the cable. These power adapters and cables are available inside the box when you buy the security camera. This Arlo Pro VMS4230 review is surely making you realize that Arlo Pro is one of the best brands of security camera we have today

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